What do you see?


I was reminded today that we all see things so differently in life.  And it is no different for children.  They are whole complete people, with their own likes, dislikes, tastes and opinions.  And it pays to remember that when we prepare environments.


It’s one of the most sought after commodities in our space.  Actually – I could say it’s one of the most sought after commodities in our country right now.  The drought has really taken hold and is affecting so many.  Ultimately all of us.  But I digress.

It’s not unusual at all to find children gathering where water is.  Today – that was the bathroom.  So I decided to head outside and get them some water to play with.  Doing it in the bathroom really is the best option.  We went through the shed together, and gathered all the items that they thought of – jugs, watering cans, funnels, different size and shape clear containers, droppers……….

Then, after a false start where the hose burst off the tap and drenched me completely – we got filling the table.  The next thing was a request for blue….. of course, no worries…….  now I am drenched, with a blue hand!

Immediately children flocked, as they do when water is involved.  And the water started flying thick and fast.  Or maybe that should be thin and fast……..


Next thing I knew, a couple of children had turned away from the draw of the water table, and were deeply engaged in turning mud.  One ran off to get a trowel, and they began conversations about being “brickies”.

So you see – some children see mud, where others see water.  The opportunities are the same.  Do with the resource as you will.  It is not up to me to decide how to play……… I am just the resource to get what is needed.

I love being with children, and just observing what comes for them.  They are resourceful and creative and talented and knowing.  And I get to go home at the end of the day, marvelling over what has been, and wondering at what is to come.